Here, Hear. III

by La Dispute

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Ethan Goldrup
Ethan Goldrup thumbnail
Ethan Goldrup I really appreciate this ep of sorts. La dispute never fails to surprise me and im a big fan. very meaningful words in this, I use it to relax. I definitely recommend this album.
Isabel R.C.
Isabel R.C. thumbnail
Isabel R.C. dear la dispute,
i love you. Favorite track: nine.
Akemi thumbnail
Akemi compression. a choked breath. Favorite track: ten.
Kindle Kratz
Kindle Kratz thumbnail
Kindle Kratz I listened to nine when it was on the staff favorites for punk music and I loved it. It's just very poetic and I can listen to it over and over and over and over again. (Trust me I have.) Favorite track: nine.
Joseph Rasmusson
Joseph Rasmusson thumbnail
Joseph Rasmusson I have enjoyed all of La Dispute's music. I'm thinking that this volume probably won't change that statement. Favorite track: ten.
w.robbie thumbnail
w.robbie the cornerstone of my screamo collection. unsung champions, for sure.
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All tracks on Here, Hear III (save for the sequenced “drum beat” in Vass’ song) recorded by Brad in the cold, unfinished, and rather noisy basement of his house, usually in spurts between the furnace turning on and off, and with recording equipment which was purchased approximately 3 weeks before we recorded, but which did not arrive until about a week prior to commencement. As a result, Brad had to learn the in’s and out’s of the programs rather rapidly. In order to compensate for that brief learning period, Brad relied heavily on his ears and the characteristics of the recording rooms to create a different tonal atmosphere for each track, which he felt was vitally important in capturing the personality differences present in each song.

The various album covers were composed Monday December 21, 2009. The photographs were taken by David Summers at Rogers Lakewood Park in Valparaiso, Indiana. In each, Vass is seen holding a different item. The first cover (green), Vass held a painting from his 2006 High School Art Show. The second cover (red), he held a piece of cardboard used in the shipping of our Untitled 7″. The third cover (blue), he held a 125 mesh count screen used to print a navy blue La Dispute hoodie (it had a whale on it) from the fall of 2007. Vass then digitally manipulated David’s photos to exaggerate each of their color schemes and to add the necessary text.

Thanks, and be your best to everyone, no exceptions.
-La Dispute

*This download also includes album artwork, lyrics, and liner notes.


released December 24, 2009



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